How to use the site:

  • Navigate through the different topic sections.
    The resources are all in Google format (docs and slides). If you use Google apps, you can download them directly to your own Google Drive. If you don't use Google apps, you can download them to your computer in Microsoft office format to use with Word and Powerpoint.
  • The Presentations are the same that I use in class. In most cases they cover all of the recall content for the course.
  • The worksheets are all set out in the same way: keywords, fill-in-the-gaps, questions designed by me, official AQA exam questions, markscheme for the exam questions. Again, these should cover all of the recall content you need for the course, but also allow you to test your understanding. NOTE: keywords found in earlier worksheets are not repeated later.
  • The 'Exam skills' section contains various resources you may find useful for tackling different aspects of the exam.
  • The 'Revision advice' section is just that: tips and tricks I've picked up during my time teaching. If you take nothing else away from it, I firmly recommend that you test yourself as much as possible and learn from the mistakes you make.
  • Finally, I have included the AQA specification on the right. Study it. Love it.

I am an experienced Biology teacher and Head of Biology at a successful school in Hampshire, UK. This site is built and maintained by me, and all resources produced by me (or adapted from those I have found elsewhere). Please use it freely. The resources are primarily for the new AQA specification but much of the content will transfer over to other courses. New resources will be added as soon as I've made them. Please leave feedback and recommend to a friend if you found it useful.